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Evaluation of future prospects

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Coursework 2: Assessment weighting: 50% Assessment Criteria: Report Word count: 2000 words Submission Date/Time: Wednesday 7th December 2016 – 9:00 PM GMT
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Coursework 2 Specification Title: Evaluation of future prospects
Learning outcome to be assessed: evaluate the influence of external factors on the company’s future prospects
Analyse and evaluate the predicted future success or failure of your chosen company. Your analysis and evaluation should be based upon:
? The analysis conducted in assignment part one ? Internal and external factors that are likely to affect the financial performance, financial position and share price of your chosen company.
Marking scheme ? 25%: subject matter understanding and judgment ? 25%: critical analysis. ? 25%: evidence of wider reading. ? 15%: synthesis of ideas into a logical, coherent report. ? 10%: presentation and English.

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