Ethical Dilemma

Research a company that has been in the news due to ethical problems. Evaluate the ethical dilemma under two ethical frameworks. Analyze what part whistleblowers played in the exposure to the company. Discuss how employment-at-will affected the employees and the company. Evaluate whether the company used marketing or public relations successfully when trying to repair the damage caused by the reported lapse in ethics.
Reflect on the class discussions and the articles that you have read during the class and use the information, and other academic sources to write a 2500- 3000 word essay critiquing the company, its operations, and the ethical dilemma it caused.
Your assignment will be evaluated according to the following Writing Assignment Grading Criteria:
Writing Assignment Grading Criteria
• Responses demonstrate a clear understanding of the key elements of assignment questions.
• Responses thoroughly cover the elements in a substantive manner.
• Response demonstrates critical thinking and analysis.
• Content is complete and accurate.
• Introduction and conclusion provides adequate information on the given topic.
• Paper structure is clear and easy to follow.
• Ideas flow in a logical sequence.
• Introduction provides a sound introduction to the topic and previews major points.
• Paragraph transitions are logical and support the flow of thought throughout the paper.
• The conclusion thoroughly reviews the major points.
• Sentences are well constructed, complete, clear, and concise.
• Words used are specific and unambiguous.
• The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.
• Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.
• APA guidelines (6th edition) are followed, such as headers, citations, references, etc.
• Effective use of aids, such as sections, summaries, table of contents, indices, and appendices (if appropriate)

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