Essay question:

Essay question:
Account for the requirement to be able to work as part of a team.
Critically consider people’s experiences of working in and leading teams or groups, either in their professional or personal life for academic or social and sporting activities and analyse how these reflect theories on team working.
1) Assignment Structure: planning, clarity of thesis statement, topic sentences &structure which assists in the development of a coherent answer

2) Quality of Writing: Readability & ability to convey key message(s) concisely

3) Quality/Scope of research material: Understanding of established knowledge, use of a wide range of relevant and suitable sources, accurate citations and references

4) Understanding: Assignment demonstrates students have understood key topics

5) Critical Analysis: Quality/level of critical thought demonstrated through analysis, synthesis, evaluation and rational argument,

6) Reflective skills: Quality/level of reflectiveness and relevance to task
Overall Quality of Assignment
– To gain higher marks students are required to show analysis and reflection rather than simple description. They should use multiple sources of academic literature to frame and justify their analysis. All sources should be correctly identified.
Correct English spelling and grammar should be used at all times.

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