ESAP and I

Using your ESAP results, analyze those question to include the following points within a 5-paragraph Essay:
o Briefly describe your “self-awareness”; do you have more “interpersonal skills” or “intra-personal skills”? o Select two areas of the 10 EI skills depicted on your ESAP results to discuss; select one of the (3) potential problem areas measured for a total of three areas outlined/summarized on your FO5301 Final Exam. o Include numeric scores of the subtopics off Intelligence Skills Profile areas   (1) learns and develop, (“red”)  (2) strength, (“yellow”)   (3) enhance (green”) as outlined on your ESAP.     o Describe your emotional skill strengths, and what you can do to continue; construct what your plan is to enhance the area(s) in which you are perhaps “yellow” or “red” o Relate your findings to the leadership competencies (outlined in the course syllabus) and support your Final Exam Essay with course concepts Type: Individual Essay
Length: 1800 words + / -10%
Due:  Sunday before 2100 hrs Eastern Time


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