Employees Requirements in a Healthcare Organization


In this assignment, you will explore the differences among educational levels, the scopes of practice, and credentialing and licensure requirements for various employees in a healthcare organization.

Scenario: You are the HR manager of a newly established healthcare organization. The board of directors of the organization asks you to prepare a presentation on the required profiles for the following roles:

•Administrator (i.e., chief executive officer, vice president of nursing or finance, etc.)
•Registered nurse
•Nurse’s aide
•Laboratory technician
•Dietary aide
•Maintenance professional


For each role, provide the following information:
•Educational qualifications required for the role
•Scope of practice for the role
•Credentialing and licensure requirements for the role
•A description of the importance of the role in a healthcare organization
•Legal effects of the role on and importance of the role to HRM

For the workforce as a whole, address the following:
•How would you build and maintain a climate of mutual respect and trust among employees?
•What is the importance of diversity in the workforce?

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