Education Linkage

Education Linkage

Collect and read three (3) newspaper and/or popular magazine articles about
Education to work or workforce training. All articles must be, at least, 500 words in
length and published within the last 12 to18 months. Prepare and submit a brief summary
for each article. Each summary need not be more than 2 or 3 paragraphs. Analyze the
strengths and weaknesses of the program and compare it to linkage model programs
described in your student manual. Attach a copy of the article with each summary.
Cite each article per APA 6th edition format including a reference page.
A job aid and examples have been provided to aid you in successful completion of the assignment. Total assignment length is 4 -6 pages including the reference page.

Opening paragraphs are the summary of the article you read, where you explain what specifics were discussed in the article. Then analyze strengths and weaknesses of the program. Finally you must relate the article facts to the linkage information, especially
Linkage models, found in the student manual. Identify the linkage model and type
Attach a reference page. Ensure you place your name on the assignment Follow all guidance within the APA 6thedition manual.


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