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Assignment Title: Portfolio which summarises findings for specific case study based tasks and critically analyses current data and information that relates to rapidly changing market and competitive conditions.

During the course of this module you have completed a range of tasks linked to the microeconomics topics (Topics 4, 5, 6). The requirement for your assignment is to submit a 3,000 word portfolio which includes three short reports that summarise your findings for specific tasks. This is an individual assignment.
The analysis will cover three main areas as follows: –
Topic 4 and 5 (Part of)
1000 word report
Consider the energy industry
• Identify the main real world demand and supply factors that influence the price of oil, including macroeconomic factors
• Use demand and supply diagrams to show examples of how these real world demand and supply factors affect the price of oil.
• Using real world examples, show how changes in the price of oil affect pricing and costs in road/rail/air transport

Topic 5 (Part of)
1000 word report
• Briefly outline and evaluate the Low Cost Airline Model
• Examine each element of the economic production function (Capital, Labour, Land, Entrepreneurship and technology) for a Low Cost Airline of your choice analysing the ways in which the company you choose manages each of these elements.
• Undertake a SWOT analysis of the current Strengths and weaknesses of their business model and Opportunities and Threats the company is likely to face over the next 10 years, including macroeconomic conditions and any proposed changes to transport infrastructure.
Topic 6
1000 word report
• Discuss the issues related to price and non-price competition in oligopoly markets generally, including those related to macroeconomic conditions
• Examine and compare the roles and importance of price and non-price competition strategies in one of the following oligopoly markets (clearly defining the market you choose either as a national market or a global market)
o Consumer Electronics
o Automotive Industry
o Logistics
o Mobile Telecommunications
o Supermarkets
o Online retail
• Choose two real world companies to illustrate price and non-price competition strategies and their outcomes.
It is important that you complete all tasks for topics 4 to 6 of this module as they will help you complete this piece of assessment.

Learning Outcomes
This piece of assessed work contributes to the following learning outcomes for this module:
1. To demonstrate a relevant knowledge of macroeconomic contexts and be able to analyse and critically evaluate strategic management decisions within such macroeconomic contexts.

2. To demonstrate relevant knowledge of microeconomic contexts, be able to analyse the microeconomic framework, and solve problems which arise from rapidly changing market and competitive conditions

Assessment Criteria

The following criteria will be used to determine the extent to which the candidate has met the learning outcome of this assignment.
• Relevance
• Knowledge
• Analysis
• Argument and Structure
• Critical Evaluation
• Presentation
• Reference to Literature
Marks available: As below

please don’t use google search engine’s or wikipedia for referencing make sure to use only academic journals,data bases, professional and academic articles.

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