Dynamics of Business Discussion Week 5

Dynamics of Business Discussion Week 5

1. Workers on the manufacturing floor are being replaced by robots and other machines. On the one hand, this lets companies compete with cheap labor form other countries. On the other hand, automation eliminates many jobs. Does this mean that we will see an increase in unemployment and under employment in the U.S.? Or do you see a way for the U.S. to deal with this trend to prevent these problems? Explain your answer.
2. Take a virtual tour of the Hershey Foods Corporation chocolate factory by going to www.hershey.com/tour_video.asp
3. Does Hershey use process manufacturing or the assembly process? Is the production of Hershey’s chocolate an intermittant or continuous process? Explain your answers.
4. What location factors might go into the selection of a manufacturing site for Hershey chocolate?
5. One of the approaches in business has been to let employees work in self-managed teams. There is no reason why such teams could not be formed in colleges as well as well as business. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of dividing this class into self-managed teams for the purpose of studying, doing cases and completing assignments.
6. Would there be any differences between an in-classroom class and an online class – plus or minus?
7. Describe a time when you felt highly motivated and achieved a particular goal that you sought. What was the most significant thing or person that caused that motivation? Has that level of motivation continued for you? Explain your answers.

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