Does behaviourism have a place in twenty-first century psychology and professional practice?”

Does behaviourism have a place in twenty-first century psychology and professional practice?”

Paper details:
Discuss this title in a professional context such as education or health care providers. The essay must meet the normal standards of academic English, structuring, referencing etc. It should include knowledge from textbooks and hand outs and/or some secondary research, perhaps involving use of the Internet.
The essay must outline and critically evaluate the work of Ivan pavlov (1901) and Burrhus Frederick (B.F.) Skinner (1953). The essay should explain to the reader the principles of classical conditioning, discrimination and generalisation etc. It should also explain the significance they had for psychology. This will involve describing pavlov’s experiments and the findings.
Pavlov’s work has also been supported by psychologists such as J. B Watson & R Rainer (1920) who conducted research on a child known in the case histories as “little Albert”. They discovered interesting knowledge on the acquisition of phobias. This work was continued expanded upon by Joseph Wolp (1958) with practical therapeutic uses. This research must be examined in the essay.
You must critically evaluate the research. This involves looking at the strengths and limitations of both the findings and explanations. How useful were these findings to psychology and did they provide a complete explanation?
Finally, examine any ethical issues raised by the research, particularly paying attention to the British psychological society guidelines on ethical procedures.
The third section of the essay will require you to also examine the work of B. F Skinner and OPERANT CONDITIONING. Again examine the findings, limitations practical applications and any ethical issues associated with the research.
The fourth section of the essay requires you to examine the practical applications of classical and operant conditioning in ONE of the following areas :- therapies or learning.
Remember to use linking statements so the essay flows from one section to the next.
Finally, the essay should finish with a summary of findings and a conclusion.

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