Documentary review

Documentary review

A)Sexual – Hulu (free), Available on Netflix (Instant/Streaming), and Amazon Prime; Rated NR; 75 minutes (2011)

1. Do you think David, the founder of AVEN, is well-adjusted in terms of his sexual identity and his relationships with others? How so? (5 points)

2. Select an interaction that an AVEN member had at Pride Parade. Describe that interaction and reflect on how it made you feel. (5 points).

3. Use examples from the documentary that illustrate how sex and love are two completely separate things. (5 points)

4. Describe what David’s consideration of having a sexual relationship represents? (5 points)

DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR SUBMISSION. We know what the questions are. DO NOT include any introductory information at the top of each documentary review.

Each documentary review should be double-spaced. Each review has either three or four questions, all worth 5 points each. A 1-2 paragraph response is appropriate for answering each question. Therefore, a three-question assignment should have 3-6 paragraphs.

If your answers are too short OR too long, you will have points deducted. Answers that are too long are just as bad as ones that are too short.

In addition to running a spell and grammar check to be sure you have used complete sentences, and proper punctuation and capitalization, I strongly recommend that you have someone else read your responses and/or that you read it aloud to yourself.

The paper should have NO grammatical or spelling errors. I don’t want to be editing your essay for mistakes once you send it. The instructor is very detail orientated so the paper should be flawless. Cite the reference to the documentary specifically!!!! BE SPECIFIC. Don’t include the time that someone said something during the documentary but include who said what such as names and profession.

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