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This week, we capitalize on the group experience. We have been working as a team throughout term, but this time, your observations are important to the success of your classmates’ presentations. In Week 4, you first shared your project outlines. Since then, you have been conducting research, assessing your project’s organization, and aligning your research with your topic’s thesis.

In this forum:

  1. Share the title of your presentation
  2. Restate your thesis
  3. Share a copy of your updated outline
  4. What tool are you using to present your topic in Week 8? Is this a different technology than what you used in week 3?
  5. Does your research still support your thesis?
  6. From your research, what piece of information surprised you?
  7. What feedback would you like from your classmates?

Your replies to classmates are to address:

  1. What does the title tell you about the topic?
  2. Does the title and thesis work together? Explain why or why not.
  3. Respond to the author’s feedback request.
  4. Ask a question either about the topic, the process, researching, or the presentation tool?
  5. OPTIONAL: find a digital sticker to share with your classmate. For example, maybe a thumb’s up sticker to indicate you “like” the presentation topic, organization, and tool.



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