Digital Marketing and Communications: BHO0172

Digital Marketing and Communications: BHO0172
Note: This assignment contributes to 50% of the total module mark.
Learning Outcomes

4. Research and assess opportunities for the application of digital marketing and communications practices within specific markets

5. Create detailed, actionable e-marketing plans

6. Identify the information, systems and process requirements for successful integrated, customer-focused e-marketing management

7. Apply quantitative techniques to analyse marketing data
Identification of group and individual components:

The assignment is to be completed individually by each student.


Assignment task

For the purposes of this assignment outline and detail an online marketing plan for an organisation based on the scenario below.

Based on your analysis of the scenarios you will need to do the following:

• Clearly define the marketing environment for the organisation.

• Using an environmental framework Identify in depth areas of opportunity and weakness and use these to formulate the objectives of your marketing plan.

• Detail your strategy and how you intend to implement it. You will need to consider your niche and target market strategy alongside your positioning and differentiation strategy. In addition identify your domain name with costs.

• You will be expected to implement your ideas and therefore you will be required to develop a fully functioning website prototype which includes as a minimum 5 pages. You will need to include a wire frame and a navigational outline to show that the necessary information and planning process has taken place.

• As part of this implementation detail your social media strategy.

• Identify what are the key metrics you will use to help you identify your success rate in meeting your objectives. You will need to develop a measurement strategy based on defined online metrics and analytical criteria.

• Reflect on the information and process developments. Carefully consider, style, layout and appropriate e-marketing activities that were integral during the implementation phase.
Reflect on the decisions you have made and the ideas you propose and give full justification.

This is an individual written assignment. 3000 words maximum.
Assignment Scenario

For this assessment you will be required to be thorough in your analysis and research and make maximum use of the scenario provided.

You are a Digital Marketing consultant who has been approached by a local book publishing business known as “books r us”, who are located in the town of Pendle. They are a small organisation whose primary business goals revolve around identifying good quality authors who write books that are in the realm of science fiction and fantasy and then selling these books. Books r us is struggling in the economic downturn and therefore they intend to diversify as a business into online publishing offering, as a minimum the following packaged services:

Books r Us services:

• Standard cover design
• Online marketing
• Online book publishing
• Bespoke cover design (freelance designers)
• Book editing (extra 5% surcharge)
• Website sales
“Books r Us” wants to diversify its product range and increase its online brand awareness. Currently they do not have an online presence and no mechanism to engage with their current or past customers.

Therefore your job is to develop a Online marketing plan with a website prototype which allows “Books r Us” to compete within the online environment. You will need to write a report and create an online presence that allows books r us to:

• Increase Brand awareness
• Increase engagement with their users
• Provide a platform(s) to sell their books online.
• Provide a platform(s) to publish the books online
• You will need to Identify multiple channels not just your website.

You must remember that the book publisher has zero experience of the online environment with their skillset primarily anchored in the offline environment.
Guidance Notes:

You should support your work throughout with evidence from good quality academic (journal articles, textbooks, conference proceedings, etc) and business sources. All material you reference should be cited fully using the standard university style, both within the main body of your report and in a clearly marked References section at the end.

You should ensure that you adhere to the current student regulations regarding assessment (presented in the student handbook), with particular reference to ethical considerations and issues of plagiarism. You will need to hand in your work through TurnitinUK at 23:59pm on the day stated above. It is important that your published URL is pasted on the cover sheet of your work. There is no need for a manual hand in.

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