David and Goliath Interpersonal Conflict.

Gather credible research information (using credible search engines/databases) related to the concepts related to your assigned chapters. You will be building an argument in support of (or against) the information found in the book David and Goliath as well as the information you find from your research. In your paper you must use and cite appropriately (within the text of the paper) at least 2 outside sources of information about the topic; (This does not include your textbook which can be used if you want but you also need 2 other credible sources of researched information – no dictionaries or encyclopedias – hard copy or online versions), you also need to include a bibliography with your paper. So you will be presenting the conceptual information you found in your research and using that information to explain your reaction to the basic premises of David and Goliath. You will use specific examples from the book that illustrate (for or against) your researched conceptual information. You need to include a section which discusses how this information affects your own communication behaviors as well as the communication behaviors of others.

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