Cyberspace consumer protections


As e-commerce continues to grow in the United States and abroad, new consumer protection laws are needed. Use the Internet to research recent developments in consumer protection for transactions through cyberspace. (Kubasek et al., 2013, p. 754-5).

Consider cyberspace consumer protections that may affect the business in which you work, in which you would like to work, or from a situation you have experienced. Think of this issue from the perspective of a business working with customers; consider how protecting customers may cost your business profits, or, how it might make your business profits by “differentiating” your business from others like it. Then, consider this from the perspective of a legislator or regulator, trying to protect customers from this situation. (Some ideas: identity theft, credit card interest rates, airline baggage fees, etc.). Be creative.

Make a recommendation for a government regulation, or law that you would like to see enacted. Think of the consequences (good and bad) of the proposed regulation or law that you have suggested to businesses, and to consumers. Consider any unintended consequences that might occur.

Your paper should have the following sections:
1.Regulation or law proposal. Be very specific in the wording. (Your own idea and words). (20 points).a.What problem did you find in your research online that your regulation plans to address? Include a citation to the article(s) that describes the problem. (10 points)
b.What consequences might your proposed regulation/law have on affected businesses? Describe one good and one bad consequence. (10 points)
c.What consequences might your proposed regulation/law have on protected consumers? Describe one good and one bad consequence. (10 points)
d.Consider unintended consequences. What might one be? Describe it. (5 points).

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