Culture Assignment

Culture Assignment (40 Points Total—8% of Your Grade)


Find or take a picture of some aspect of your organization (i.e., a logo, the people, a product of the work that is done there, etc.) that captures the culture of the organization. It can be a picture of an organization in which you are currently employed or have been employed in the past. It can be a picture of a non-work-related organization to which you belong or have belonged in the past (i.e., a church, sports/recreational organization, volunteer organization, etc.). Below the picture (if the picture is pasted into a Word document) or in a separate Word document, provide a written explanation of the culture, discussing specific characteristics of the culture, the strength of the culture, the positive or negative impact that the culture has on the organization, etc. Use references to support your discussion. Cite your references within your discussion and include the full citations for your references on your Reference page at the end of your document, following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in Doc Sharing. Submit your completed assignment to the appropriate dropbox. You will probably want to read ahead (Chapter 15 on Organizational Culture) before completing this assignment. This assignment is due by 1:00 PM on November 10, 2015. The following rubric will be used to grade your assignment.

Far Exceeds Standards Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Fails to Meet Standards
Depth and Quality of Discussion

I will consider how detailed your discussion is and how far into depth you go.

Thoroughly discusses and evaluates the culture of the organization, providing convincing and supported arguments.

(18-20) Discusses and evaluates the culture of the organization, providing supported arguments, but could have gone into a bit more depth.

(16-17) Discusses and evaluates the culture of the organization, providing supported arguments, but could have gone into much more depth.

(14-15) Fails to discuss and evaluate the culture of the organization, does not provide convincing or supported arguments, and lacks a significant degree of depth.


Reference Support

The more reference support you use, the better. The quality of the journals is also important.

Research from multiple journal articles provided strong support for the discussion. Several of the journal articles used came from top-tier journals.

(18-20) Research from journal articles provided support for most of the discussion. More references could have been used and more could have come from top-tier journals.

(16-17) Several parts of the discussion lacked strong support from the research presented in journal articles. Most of the articles came from lower-level journals.

(14-15) Fails to support the knowledge associated with issue at hand. The few articles that were used came from low-level journals or websites.



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