History of tea In kenya


Based on your research and tacit knowledge, you are to develop a Project (NOT an essay) that will set a recommendation for businesses, industries or even local government on the specific country natural resource you selected, to advise them on how to make better and more sustainable use of that specific resource. You should set the sustainability challenge that you are addressing within its historical context.

My topic is Tea in Kenya.

This is supposed to be a project (not an essay) maximum 1500 words long, with the following INDICATIVE structure (the word limit given for each section is also indicative):
i. Executive summary (the basis for your presentation) _ 200 words

ii. Key words (a selection of 5 words that you consider fully describe the topic and
your findings)

iii. Overview of resource/business and historical context of the sustainability challenge
(500 words)

iv. Development of the idea and brief justification of your recommendations (which can
be presented as bullet points) (600 words)

v. Reflective analysis and Concluding remarks (200 words)


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