Critical thinking

critical thinking in information technology or critical thinking in human resources. Please use MIcrosoft Word.

As a final project for this course, you are going to put together an annotated portfolio of resources that one could use to help develop critical thinking skills in a particular area of “occupation.” you will choose to explore something like:

“Critical Thinking in Nursing”
“Critical Thinking in Special Education”
“Critical Thinking in IT”

But, it can be even more flexible, depending on your interests:
“Critical Thinking in Parenting”
“Critical Thinking in Art”
Your topic MUST be an area of “occupation.”

Write everything in your own words.

The final product will be a collection of materials from Internet sources that help you to develop a better understanding of critical thinking in your area of interest. Your final product will have the following materials included:

A. Three (3) Book Summaries
B. Three (3) Online Videos
C. Two (2) Advertisements
D. Three (3) Scholarly articles
E. Two (2) Entertainment Connections

A. Three Book Summaries
Using, find three books that would assist in critically thinking about your topic of choice. For each book, read the book summary and several professional and consumer reviews. Summarize your findings by submitting: a picture of the book cover, a one to three sentence summary of the book, and a few quotes from the reviews.

B. Three Online Videos
Using the Internet, find three videos that would assist in critically thinking about your topic. If using a document, Powerpoint, or PDF simply give the URL of the video. Along with the video link, include a bulleted list of material you learned from the video that would be helpful regarding critically thinking about your topic.

C. Two Advertisements
Find two advertisements for products related to your field. Choose ads for products that are advertised for professionals in the field of occupation that you selected. Modeling your entries after the “Analyzing Ads” activity from Week 5, assess the ads. This means you will identify any fallacies, rhetorical devices and/or emotive language used in the ads. If you feel the ad is effective, please state why you feel that way.

D. Three Scholarly Articles
Using the Wilmington University database, find and read three academic articles related to critical thinking in your field of occupation. Provide the name of the article, the link (or database name) and write a summary of the article’s content. You will need to use the WilmU Library to find these. This can be done online. Here’s the link to the Library Services page:

E. Two Entertainment Connections
Using the internet, find two connections to your topic from the entertainment world: a TV clip, a song, a comic strip, etc. Depending on how you are presenting your material, either embed the link or type in the URL of your source. Comment on the way in which the sources you have chosen relate to how we think (or shouldn’t think) about the topic you have chosen.

Do not forget to include a Reference Page and to use citations properly.

I will attach the proper format of the below chart to my account no later than tonight. Please use that format in reference to the below.

Fill in the below.

Your Topic: “Critical Thinking in ______________”
Your Name:

Online Video
Online Video
Online Video
Scholarly Article
Scholarly Article
Scholarly Article
Entertainment Connection
Entertainment Connection

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