Crime script analysis and situational prevention

Crime script analysis and situational prevention

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according to my previous order (literature review of drug importation) this assignment is continues to that..
I uploaded a whole PowerPoint on how to do the assignment please look at it..

In order to complete this assessment (script analysis and prevention), you are strongly advised to use the article published by Leclerc, Wortley and Smallbone (2011) in Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency (I uploaded that). The Discussion section of this article (pp.220-231) is divided in two parts: 1) Script analysis with in-text description under ‘The Protoscript in Child Sex Offending’, and 2) Situational prevention measures with in-text description under ‘Crime Script, Intervention Points and Situational Prevention’. This discussion represents an excellent template for you to follow for this assessment.

Using the 10 public court records I uploaded as pdf files:

1) Develop a script and include a theoretical figure presenting the script in the assessment for the type of crime chosen (drug importation)
2) Provide an in-text description of the script using your literature review for that purpose;
3) Apply one of the five situational prevention techniques (increasing effort, increasing risk, reducing rewards, removing excuses or reducing provocations) from Cornish and Clarke (2003) (I uploaded that) to the script and discuss its potential for prevention (you have to suggest a minimum of one measure for each stage of the script)
For this section on situational prevention, you also have to include a table outlining the measures for each stage of the script and provide an in-text explanation of the content of the table

also look at the assessment criteria:

1- Quality of script analysis
a. Are the stages of the script correctly identified based on data? (5%)
b. Is the script figure (and in-text description) comprehensive:
i. Are you including and discussing each stage of the script? (5%)
ii. Are you using the literature review completed earlier this semester for that purpose? (5%)

2- Quality of prevention measures
a. Are the prevention measures relevant and appropriate for the script? (5%)
b. Is the situational technique chosen from Cornish and Clarke (2003) applied and discussed for each stage of the script? (10%)

3- Quality of presentation
a. Is the script figure clear and well presented? Is the writing clear and concise (punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.)? (10%)

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