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To work through an exercise using Creo3 to produce solid models and an assembly model of the components of a pump. Use METRIC dimensions at all times. Use Algor to analyse the shaft.

Develop solid models of all the components. Give 10 different examples of why parts of the models contain associativity such that changes in design would automatically adjust the model dimensions. Take screen shots of the parts to illustrate associativity.40 marks

Develop the assembly of the pump. The assembly should follow real life practice and contain sub-assemblies. Produce a cross section view to show the internal parts assembled. Create a Bill of Materials for the assembly.30 marks

Develop a meshed model of the component. Explain what is meant by boundary constraints and their effect.
Load the meshed model using FEA principles and analyse the effect of increasing the bending load on the shaft due to increased power requirements of the pump.
What is the maximum belt tension applied as a load before the shaft fouls the gland.
Determine the belt tension to transmit 6Kw of power and the gland clearance required to prevent fouling.30 marks

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