"Contested Freedom"

“Contested Freedom”

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This 2 page (double-spaced) reflection paper is designed to give students the opportunity to synthesize responses to the required readings assigned.

Firstly, choose a theme or idea from the required reading that is found particularly compelling and/or problematic.
Secondly, offer a text based synthesis of that idea/theme.
Thirdly, write a personal reflection and/or commentary.
Keep in mind, this reflection paper is not intended to be a synthesis or summary of the entire text but rather a focused reflection of a particular aspect of the assigned reading (considered in context).

In the introduction, I prefer the thesis to be the last sentence. When writing the thesis, begin with the phrase, In the following paragraphs, I will argue….

At the beginning of each paragraph, use a transitional phrase.
Write the essay with a focus on page 10-14 which is entitled “Contested Freedom.”

Thus, the title of my essay is “Contested Freedom”

The Required Reading:
Michael Apple, Educating the “Right” Way, 2nd edition, “Preface to Second Edition” and Chapters 1-5, ix-148.

Keep in mind, this reflection paper is meant as an opportunity to show a connection that you have made with the author and or the text. The main goal of this reflection paper is to engage with the material, not just repeat or summarize what the author is saying.

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