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Information Paper

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Type Correspondence: Information Paper

Title: The importance of the State Government Facilities Sector to New York and the nation

Audience: The state Secretary of Homeland Security for New York

Situation: The state Secretary of Homeland Security is planning a trip to two of the 5 regional task forces in the state. The proposed hosts for the two visits have provided some questions which they would like answered. As the subject matter expert for CIKR protection, the Chief of Staff has directed you to provide your analysis and assessment as input for the secretary to consider.

Specified Tasks: In order to successfully complete this graded assignment, you must demonstrate a general understanding of the CIKR protection methodology used by the DHS and SSA to identify and prioritize the nation’s CIKR by articulating an overview of the following main topics:

The DHS CIKR protection methodology depicted in the NIPP
An overview of why one of these sectors (government Facilities) is deemed critical to the nation
The potential impact on the nation’s well-being if the sector you have chosen: Government Facilities, is destroyed, disabled or otherwise incapacitated in your state

Note: Provide state specific examples throughout based on your understanding of the material

Links to the NIPP use as references:

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