English Language For Foreigners

Assessment 1 – Coursebook Evaluation 25%
Critically evaluate a coursebook that you use, focussing on aspects which you consider relevant to our specific teaching and learning context. Do not attempt to describe every detail of the book.
• Describe your specific teaching and learning context briefly – your school and class, your students and their needs
• If possible identify the underlying syllabus type e.g. Process or Product? Grammatical, Functional, Multi­Layer etc?
• How successful is the selection and grading of contents.
• How are materials organised within the units?
• Are the contents and organisation appropriate for the context in which you use the book?
• If possible, provide a copy or summary map of the book contents.
• Note key areas of strength and/or weakness of the book as applied to your learners in particular.
• If possible, provide a copy of one unit of the book and use this unit to exemplify points you make.
• Make some brief final recommendations
Prepare these PowerPoints professionally. You will not be required to make assessed verbal presentations, but please prepare the materials with a possible presentation time, allowing for brief discussion, of 20 minutes length as a guiding aim. You should aim to produce PowerPoints which summarise verbally and visually the main points you want to make. You should also have at least one page which creates an interactive element in the form of questions, prompts or short activities. Do not put more of your effort into the graphics and visuals than into the verbal content – this can distract from your message. Please note that while PowerPoints are usually meant to accompany verbal presentations, they should also be able to stand alone. The electronic reader should be able to understand all o the explicit general points you make and to perceive much of what is implicit. Using the notes page will allow you to make optimum use of the powerpoint format. You will be given an example of a PowerPoint previously submitted for this unit to guide you.

• Please be sure that you include an initial outline of the sections of your PowerPoint as an early slide.
• Make connections with your reading in the appropriate areas and include your references in the powerpoint, both in­text and in­text.
Assessment will be based on content, organisation and effectiveness of the Powerpoint.

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