Argumentative Essays


1. Discuss parks and garden should be more establish in urban areas?

2. Alcohol should be banned in public places?

3. Cheaters should be bunched. (Pilgrims).

4. Should cloning human beings be banned?


Firstly: the answer for the questions should be an essays with (350 word count).

Secondly: You have to:

  1. Follow instructions.
  2. Use Academic style / language and stricture / verity of academic word and transition signals.
  3. Paraphrase the information from the question.
  4. Give three strong reasons to support your opinion (each reason consider as one main point).
  5. Support your main points by giving an explanation, example or both (no more than three sentences to support each main point).
  6. Follow the academic stricture:
  • Introduction: (Back ground “general” – Narrow – thesis statement) at least five sentences and no more than 100 words.
  • Body paragraph contains (three main points – support each main point by writing at least three sentences).
  • Conclusion: (paraphrase your thesis statement – paraphrase your reasons and explanation from each paragraph – final comment “general”) no more than 80 words.
  1. Do not use any reference



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