Competing Through Marketing


Choose only one from the following

1. Aaker (1997, p.347) highlights how brands seek to construct a brand personality, that is “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand”. Critically analyse the potential benefits of having a distinct brand personality, and using examples, explore potential approaches to developing one.

2. Solomon et al. (2006, p. 614) argue that marketers often “need to understand consumers’ behaviour rather than consumerbehaviour, because in many cases more than one person decides what to buy.” Critically discuss this proposition.

3. As the line between online and physical channels becomes increasingly blurred, there is a move towards an ‘omnichannel’ approach, which aims to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of the channel (Piotrowicz and Cuthbertson, 2014). Discuss and evaluate how an omnichannel strategy can be used to build customer relationships, and for a brand of your choice explore how it uses different channels to enhance the customer experience.
4. In recent years the rise of the hard discounters such as Aldi and Primark have created perceived customer value and sustainable competitive advantage. Critically analyse the marketing strategies used by such discount companies to achieve this growth.

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