Community Windshield



Perform a community assessment using the guidelines in Chapter 6 of your textbook (Nies & McEwen). List each area on the assessment- then describe the information pertinent to that area.

• Describe your initial impressions of the area (including general impressions and impressions as a registered nurse).
• Do you note any bias in your impressions based on your life experiences? If so, describe a plan to ensure that your bias will not influence your care for members in this community/population.
• Based on your community assessment, determine current and potential issues that may affect the health of this community (illegal aliens, teen-age pregnancy, vandalism, access to transportation, etc.). Include a discussion of vital statistics for this geographic area.
• Based on your assessment of the community and what you have learned about community / public health trends, what recommendations would you offer to members of the community?
• What venue and whom would you present your recommendations? (County Commissioner meeting, Neighborhood Meeting, etc.)
• Include information from the literature for support of your recommendations.

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