Communication and Scholarship


For this assignment, you are required to do the following:

Prepare a 6–7 minute PERSUASIVE oral presentation on an issue (political, social, environmental and so on).

Identify an audience. For example, if you were going to speak about a local government issue, your audience could be residents from a particular suburb who may be concerned about the issue. Name the audience and the purpose of your talk before the talk. This is to help the marker determine whether the content and style of delivery is appropriate. The primary purpose will be to persuade the audience to your point of view about the issue. In addition, you may also inform or entertain to make the speech more interesting.

Include a bibliography of at least three academic sources.

Because visuals are an important part of oral presentations, we have allocated 15 marks for this, so you will need to include these with your file, CD or tape. Include at least two visuals. If you use a PowerPoint presentation and include text as well as photographs or tables etc., this will be counted as two.

Pay particular attention to the Criteria marking sheet. Note the marks for structure. Many students ignore the structure and lose valuable marks.

You will find more information on this assignment in the section ‘Guidelines for assignment preparation’.

For marking purposes, it is easier if you record this via a computer so that you can email a link or upload your files via electronic assignment submission. Alternatively, you can use a CD to record the presentation and post it in.



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