Civil Engineering Project 1 – STF Assessment

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Week 3 Tasks:
Check course Announcements and Virtual Office and read new postings (check several times during the week).
Read the PowerPoint on educational service employee’s injuries.
View the videos for Week 3:
Assessing Risk and Hazard Recognition.
Slip, Trip, and Fall Assessments.
Read chapters 18 and 29 of the text.
Respond to Discussion Board question for Week 3. Your responses must be posted by 10:00 p.m. Wednesday.
Respond to at least three peer comments by 10:00 p.m. Sunday to generate further discussion and share ideas as if we were in the classroom. This is done through Blackboard Discussion Board.
Complete Assignment for Week 3 (W3 A1). Assignment details are included below.
Begin working on Project 1. Project 1 description is included below.

Project 1 – STF Assessment
The student will perform an assessment for slips, trip, and falls at a school of their choosing. They should try to limit their choice to a smaller building. In case of a large building, they should concentrate on the cafeteria and kitchen, main entrances, and main hallways. The student will develop their own audit instrument for conditions, exposures, and behaviors, complete a short report on the findings, and suggest corrections for each discrepancy found. This project will be completed and submitted at the end of week 5.


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