Case Study : U.S. Foreign Economic Policies To China

Explain US Foreign Policy in 2 cases. Comparison between the Foreign Policy under Case 1 choose from decision/events of Foreign Economic Policies to China Under Nixon and Case 2 from Obama towards China. USE ONE APPROACH/HYPOTHESIS seems valid across two different cases. Sustain an argument (thesis statement) using two cases of U.S. foreign policy decisions or behavior. You must develop a causal explanation based on what you are learning in the unit, and your own thoughts and insights. Some suggested approaches are:
Presidents are meaningfully constrained by public opinion in foreign policy decisions due to…..
In reality, Congress has been unable to check or balance Presidential foreign policy decisions since
1965 because….
Special interests such as economic actors or ethnic influence groups can dominate U.S. foreign
policy on issues important when….
Some possible pairs of cases are: U.S. relations with Indonesia under Suharto and under Yudhoyono; U.S. use of force in the Bosnian and Kosovo conflicts; U.S. relations with Canada and Australia; U.S. free trade diplomacy with Australia and Singapore; U.S. policy towards Africa under G.W. Bush and Obama…This basic analytical approach is a common and useful tool in many professional and academic research contexts, such as business, law, NGO work, government, and across the social sciences. It can be a valuable tool in your academic and professional career.
It is advisable to choose cases (that is, specific decisions or events in U.S. foreign relations) which and have clear relevance to the concept you choose. It is not necessary to include all aspects or details of a given case in your paper. Rather, you should focus on providing a “structured, focused comparison”1 of the two cases to examine one clear-cut proposition/argument. This means asking the same question (argument), using basically the same analytical approach (same kinds of evidence), across both cases.

The essay should utilise following general format (or something similar):
i) introduction and thesis statement
ii) introduction of the cases chosen and rationale for their selection/utility
iii) detailed examination of the cases based around the thesis statement;
iv) discussion and synthesis of the results of the analysis for both cases;
v) conclusion.
use in-text (such as Harvard) or footnote referencing style
Must include sources from the Web of Knowledge (social sciences) and JSTOR (
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