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Developing country case study:
Choose a developing country and write a case study of this country according to the structure outlined below. It is important to think carefully about each part of the assignment before you finally decide on your country. (Argentina and South Korea are excluded because the theory section has already been outlined for them in the case study at the end of chapter 3).

Briefly introduce this country, touching on a few key points about its geography and history
½ page
Which institutions are strong in this country? Which are weak? Discuss recent events which have impacted on this country’s institutions or efforts that have been made to strengthen them.
1 page
Current State
Discuss the current state of this country in terms of its economic development. Make use of development indicators (e.g. NHDI, Gini coefficient etc.) including the current level and also the trend.
1 page
Drawing on at least one of the theories in chapters 3 and 4 of the textbook, discuss how it helps to explain the development experience of this country
1 page
Write a brief conclusion that draws together the different sections and touches on the future prospects of this country
½ page

single-spaced, with standard margins. The assignment must not exceed four pages in total (not including references or the cover page). Please use Harvard, Chicago or APA style for the references.

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