Write a coherent, grammatically correct research paper based on your annotated bibliography. You may also draw on the research you did for earlier papers (1,500 words not counting the works cited). This paper will cite at least four credible sources, two of which are scholarly articles.
Your intended audience is an academic audience. This audience includes the faculty, staff, and students at your school. It values thorough research, insists that all claims are supported with evidence or reasoning, and appreciates clear writing in which terms are defined and sentences are easy to understand.
The paper should
• Follow APA format for the title page, abstract, pagination, parenthetical citations, works cited page, etc.
• Have an introduction that
o states your research question
o states a thesis sentence that answers your research question and states the main idea of your paper
• Use APA organization for the introduction and section headings. Each section should have a title that reflects an idea or question you had during your research process.
• Have body paragraphs that contain supporting grounds for the thesis claim. What is your evidence? How is that evidence connected to your argument? Why should the reader agree with your grounds?
• Consider at least one rebuttal to the thesis. What is at least one objection to your argument?
• Respond to the rebuttal by either using a qualifier to acknowledge the limits or your argument or by explaining why that rebuttal is a fallacy.
• Be organized by idea, not source. Synthesize sources by explaining how they support or contradict eachother.
• Be organized logically. Think about the order in which you arrange your sections. What ideas does the audience need to know first? What idea do you want to leave your audience thinking about at the end?
• Contain transitions between paragraphs and from sentence to sentence in each paragraph.
• Cite at least ten credible sources, three of which are scholarly articles.
Submit the paper online before class.

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