Cancer Genomics


The third assignment is to write an essay on the use of genetic sequence data in cancer treatment. Your essay should be divided into three sections. The first section should cover one example of where an understanding of the molecular basis of a type of cancer has led to a therapy being developed. To give you some direction, Herceptin and Gleevec are two excellent examples that you could consider. The second section should describe the advances that are being made in using new DNA sequencing technologies (such as Illumina sequencing) to sequence cancer genomes and identify driver mutations that can be used to identify potential therapeutic approaches. This section should also describe the advantages and disadvantages of whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and transcriptome sequencing for this cancer genome sequencing. The final section should describe the challenges that cancer heterogeneity brings to the use of cancer genome sequencing for identifying treatments.

I recommend that you look at the lecture slides and supporting material that is available under Topic7 in Stream. This should give you enough information for each of these topics to get you started, although you will need to find more papers from the scientific literature to supplement what is provided here. Your essay should be properly referenced, following the citation and referencing format of PNAS (or similar).

The essay should be between 2,500-3,000 words (excluding references), and all parts should be written yourself (it will be checked by Turnitin). This is worth 25% of your total grade for the Special Topic paper. I have pushed the due date for this essay back, as the previous assignment was late. However, you will need to get this in on time so it can be marked before the grade entry deadline. You can e-mail your essay to me.

The essay is due Tuesday, November 10th

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