Customer Service Management

1. Your first task is to act as a positive role model exhibiting professional service standards within the hospitality industry. Summarise why this is important to the restaurant and how you would hope to achieve this?
Research Report 1- SITCSM14 Customer Service Management
Version 1
List six roles and responsibilities of management, supervisors and operational personnel for quality service provision within the restaurant. This list can also include attitudes and attributes required to excel in customer service excellence.
As part of your new role, you are required to initiate information sharing and ongoing feedback on customer needs, expectations and satisfaction levels using both formal and informal research. Outline three different strategies that you would implement in order to achieve this. Your objective is to create a database of information pertaining to consumer behaviour/ preferences and satisfaction levels of products and services. This information will be used by the restaurant in order to achieve customer service excellence and improve performance. (In your answer you are required to include one example of a customer survey that you would use.)
2. Once you have collated valuable information pertaining to the expectations of your customers, outline the methods that you would use to implement quality service provisions and how you would communicate these preferences to the staff in order to achieve service excellence.  List any documentation/policies or procedures that you would need to develop.
Identify any changes that may have occur in the internal/external environment and outline how you would potentially incorporate these changes into the quality service strategies that you are responsible for building.
3. Identify what types of training you would facilitate amongst your team in order to create a culture whereby customer service is seen as paramount to achieving organisational success? You are expected to achieve excellent outcomes in the following areas:
 Teamwork skills   Development of customer service practices  Seeking ongoing feedback of staff
Identify any accreditation schemes that you could incorporate into your training and development in order to recognise your employees skills and competencies
4. Outline different methods that could be used to monitor and evaluate outcomes of the new customer service standards that you have implemented?  Include in your answer how you would identify and rectify systematic customer service issues and adjust policies and procedures to improve service quality.
5. In order to achieve your KPI’s and excel in your new position, you are expected to be up-to-date with current industry service trends and changes that affect service delivery. Outline how you will achieve this and the regulatory bodies that you would consult.


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