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Individually answer the questions in about 50-100 words each. Quality needed not quantity

How do recent changes in computing impact consumers? Are these changes good or bad? Explain. How do they impact businesses?

How is social media impacting firms, individuals, and society?

What kinds of skills do today’s managers need that weren’t required a decade ago?

How have the costs of entrepreneurship changed over the past decade? What forces are behind these changes? What does this mean for the future of entrepreneurship?

What are you considering studying? What are your short-term and long-term job goals? What role will technology play in that career path? What should you be doing to ensure that you have the skills needed to compete?

What is operational effectiveness?

What is strategic positioning?

Is a firm that competes based on the features of technology engaged in operational effectiveness or strategic positioning? Give an example to back up your claim.

What are switching costs? What role does technology play in strengthening a firm’s switching costs?

What are network effects? Name a product or service that has been able to leverage network effects to its advantage.




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