Bundling Pricing

Bundling Pricing
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The topic is very big. You can read the textbook chapter 11 or i think not read that is still ok to writer the essay. Please do not use the reference from the wikipedia.

Following book is a good basis for the course materials; however, supplementary and extra examples, graphs, and materials may be discussed in class. You are responsible for all the materials that are discussed in class. The 7th edition is also ok.

Pindyck and Rubinfeld, “Microeconomics”, 8th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2012.
Topic: Bundling Pricing (Chapter 11)
Start by reading the corresponding chapters mentioned in the table in your textbook to get an idea about the theoretical background for the issue. Do a research to find actual and relevant cases in the real world. Your paper should include:

– A theoretical review and background
– The details of the cases in terms of the pricing strategies, which market, which country, when …
– Historical and time series data showing the trends, changes, and performance of the sector
– Government policies and regulations related to the cases (if any)
– Conclusions
– References

– The quality of analysis always matters more than quantity. But your assignment could be around 10 pages (excluding the references), using letter size paper, double spaced and 12 cpi font size.
– You should report all your references. As you know plagiarism is a violation that is prosecuted based on the university rules.

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