Interprofessional collaboration

Interprofessional collaboration

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Interprofessional collaboration of health care/medical teams guide a patient, provide safety and reduces avoidable re-admission of a patient with congestive heart failure. Please see the attached files.
• Guidelines and Grading Rubric- Interprofessional Collaboration Project
Attached Files:
o Interprofessional Collaboration Project Grading Rubric.docx (34.48 KB)
o Interprofessional Collaboration Project Guidelines.docx (15.961 KB)
Please see that attached documents for project specifics.
All topics must be pre-approved by course faculty through the discussion board no later than Sept.20th, 2015.

Resources and Articles – Interprofessional Collaboration Project
Attached Files:
o Interprofessional education.pdf (237.493 KB)
o interprofessional simulation to teach collaborative care.pdf (70.887 KB)
o intervention to improve interprofessional communication.pdf (179.394 KB)
o foundation of communicaiton and collaboraiton.pdf (326.261 KB)
o Interprofessional collaboration in the ICU.pdf (106.305 KB)
o translation of interprofessional education to practice.pdf (166.115 KB)
o multidisciplinary team approach diabetes.pdf (51.799 KB)
Attached are articles related to Interprofessional Collaboration are also attached to this link for your reference and you are encou

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