Buddhist Philophy

Buddhist Philophy
There are two essays to complete – 650 words each. A BACKGROUND IN BUDDHIST PHILOSOPHY IS ESSENTIAL FOR THIS ORDER It is very important that this essay is free of plagiarism as it will be processed through software that can detect plagiarism. Sophisticated language, use of argument and good structure is essential. As is correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Please do not use a thesaurus to substitute words- this leads to really terrible writing. The material is very dense, so it is important you spend time engaging with it. If the primary texts are too dense, be sure to read the Standford article as it provides a good overview. Read the essay guide I will upload too: it is short and covers the essentials.Do not use any direct quotations for this essay, but do still reference ideas. I will be very pleased if this task is done well and will be glad to have a writer to return to in this area.

The topics are:
5. Explain Santideva’s distinction between two kinds of Awakening Mind and their role for a Bodhisattva. Give reasons for why it is or is not plausible.

6. Provide an account of realisation that makes sense of Dogen’s three kinds of thinking. Give reasons to support your view.

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