Assignment Task

Assignment Task

The assignment has two parts.

Part 1
This requires you to provide a detailed analysis of the ‘brandscape’ (de Chernatony, 2006 ) of the ‘parent’ brand from which you are planning to develop a brand extension. This will mean you have to provide :
a) a business analysis of the parent brand – the parent brand’s market share, customers, competitors, marketing communications approach, and financial position (40% of marks)
b) a creative analysis of the parent detailing its intangible brand values. (30% of marks)

Part 2
The analysis provided in Part 1 will provide the basis for a short rationale
(maximum 750 words) for your brand extension. It will provide a short description of the brand extension and outline the strategic benefits the brand extension will bring to the business/parent brand. (30% of overall marks).

This assignment must use academic models/concepts to inform your answer.
The assignment is to be written as a business report of a maximum of 2,500 words. An appendix (a maximum of 3 pages) can be used and is not included in the word count.

The references/bibliography section is not included in the word count.
The Harvard reference system is to be used

The lectures, seminars and moodle material are designed to support you in developing your assignment.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate the key concepts of brand management.
Learning Outcome 2: Find effective solutions and make appropriate decisions for a range of branding issues.

Professional Skills developed.

This assignment will help develop a broad understanding of brand management; gathering and understanding information from a variety of sources; practical decision-making as well as enhancing written communication skills essential for employability and lifelong learning.

1.Identify and apply information and critical thinking and analysis (PLO 1)
2.Enhance effective communication skills (PLO 2)

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