Assessing Community Needs for Health Education

For Part 2 of the Final Project, review the Learning Resources from Weeks 4, 5, and 6. Also, review the comments the Instructor provided for Part 1 of the Final Project from Week 3.
Final Project Part 2 (3–4 pages excluding APA citations):
Address the following two areas:
Explain methods for data collection:
Describe the methods of data collection you might use in your community health needs assessment, and explain why you would use them. You should discuss at least two quantitative and two qualitative data collection methods for your community health needs assessment. For example, explain whether you would use surveys, focus groups, interviews, or other such methods to gather information for your chosen community.
Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each method.
Justify why you chose those methods over the others, and explain what makes these methods most important to use in your particular community. Also, explain how these particular methods help you better understand your community and its specific needs.

Note: You will not collect actual data. You will only describe methods of data collection.
Evaluate resources on which to collect data:
Based on your chosen community, describe four resources that are lacking in your community. Explain what would be the best methods for collecting data about these lacking resources.

For example, you might find there are two hospitals available to the community members, but one of them is 50 miles away. You may also find that there are only two primary care physicians in the community and that these physicians are so overbooked that it takes weeks to get an appointment with either of them. In addition, you may find that there is not an adequate number of bike trails in the community.

Conducting a patient survey will help you determine the reasons for doctor visits and understand the potential need for additional services and resources.
Explain why you chose those particular resources over others.
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