Article Comparison

Article Comparison

Article Comparison
As a developing professional, it is important to critically evaluate sources of information. Part of evaluating sources is to understand the differences between popular sources and scholarly sources: their purpose, intended audiences, and accuracy.
In your studies for this unit, you read two articles—one that is scholarly and one from popular media:
• Chemtob, Nomura, and Abramovitz’s 2008 article, “Impact of Conjoined Exposure to the World Trade Center Attacks and to Other Traumatic Events on the Behavioral Problems of Preschool Children,” from Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, volume 162, issue 2, pages 126–133.
• Carey’s 2008 article, “Study Finds Prior Trauma Raised Children’s 9/11 Risk,” from the February 5, 2008, issue of The New York Times.
Think about the differences you found between the two articles:
• How do the styles differ?
• Is one more reliable than the other?
• How does each present information and data?
• Who are the authors or sponsoring organizations of the articles?
• Who is the intended audience for each article?
In your discussion, complete the following:
• Identify the scholarly article and the popular media article.
• Describe the similarities and the differences you find between the two articles.
• Describe how each presents information and data. Is one more accurate than the other?
• Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting for citations for each article.
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