Argumentative Essay Help

Argumentative Essay Help

Your goal in this essay is to argue for a positive shift in dealing with this problem by convincing readers to accept and participate in that change. You will have the choice of argument, but do not, for this paper, pick an issue or argument that is too large to deal with in 6-7 FULL pages (this does not mean 5 pages and a couple lines on the 6th page). This page count does not include the Title page, Abstract or References page that will be attached to the file. You should try to rectify the problem you explained in your previous essay.

Do not change subjects unless you contact me directly. I do not want to see papers on abortion, death penalty, childhood obesity, general racism, legalization of marijuana or any issue that is incapable of being resolved, in some manner, by a shortened argument. You may need to focus in on a portion of the argument from the previous essay in order to write it all in 7-8 pages. You must have a thesis sentence. This thesis should be the primary focus of your paper. Everything in the essay should be in response to supporting the thesis. It should clearly, unequivocally state your solution to the issue at hand. The solution thesis, unlike the problem thesis, can come in the second or third paragraph if you so choose.

Your introduction should quickly describe the problem that you will be focusing on, explain the ramifications for that problem and why it needs attention, but this is all you will be doing in terms of addressing the issue since your focus must be on the presentation of your solution. When you do explain your solution to this problem, you should be showing how it will be implemented and why this solution is the correct path to follow. Leave yourself (i.e. the first person “I” narrator) out of the paper unless you can directly link an experience you have had with the issue as a direct and meaningful example. Make sure that your supporting evidence proves that your solution to the argument will justifiably work and that the details you provide make cohesive sense together.

Do not produce a generalized suggestion. An argument is supported by this evidence; therefore, preference, unsupported opinion and leaps of faith are not to be included in the essay. Avoid fallacies. This is your essay, which means what I should mostly be seeing in the essay is you producing your actionable solution. I do not want to see a simple suggestion that we can tell people to do something different. For example, the simplest way to rectify the problem of childhood obesity, negative influences of the media on children, childhood bullying, or any other child related problem is to have the parents be more involved in their child’s life. However, you can’t enforce such a change. Parents who are involved will remain involved, and parents who aren’t involved in their child’s life isn’t going to suddenly become so because you wrote a short essay telling them that they should. Action is what will be needed, and you must delineate all of the steps that get there including who will be accountable for making certain that the action happens.

Recognize that it is your audience that should be the ones who have the skills, abilities, or whatever is needed to actualize your proposal. Give them what they need to be motivated to do the work you are asking of them, but avoid any semblance of a ‘rah-rah, some things just got to change’ attitude. Let the relevant details of your proposal be the main convincing factor. You will need to utilize at least three outside sources as research material. Make sure that the material is from reliable sources (authorities) on the issue. Be wary of groups or organizational material that ignore opposing arguments as a means of supporting their shortsighted agendas.

Do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, or any other source that would be classified as a reference work; this applies to what is found online, as well. Avoid those sources, particularly websites that produce nothing but short packets of common knowledge. You are engaging the argument. The only way to do so is to find sources that are argumentative and authoritative. Cite anything that is not your own idea or your own words. In other words, avoid plagiarism.

This essay should be formatted in APA formatting. This includes 1″ margins, double spacing, and 12-point font in Times New Roman. Remember, you are presenting and supporting what begins as an opinion, but do not let yourself get bogged down in your emotional point of view. Your initial opinion will mean nothing if it is not supported by rational thought and well organized and clearly supported proof, which allows your opinion to transcend into the concept of argument. Your paper should represent that you have considered the issue in as thorough a manner as possible. This means that you have also studied and considered the opposing viewpoint. You should, where it fits, include some level of engagement in ideas that do not directly agree with your own. Rational dismissals of the opposing viewpoint as part of your proof is fine, but there is more to including counter-arguments than this.

Argumentative Essay Help

Argumentative Essay Help

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