Anticipatory care of physiotherapy Academic Essay

Anticipatory care of physiotherapy Academic Essay

Anticipatory care has been explained in the literature as approaches, which aim to prevent the development of long-term conditions as well as supporting the management of people who currently suffer from them. For health professionals, the move to adopting ‘anticipatory care’ signals opportunities and challenges in optimising care/service delivery.

Aim of the Module

  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the topic area by exploring and evaluating contemporary themes associated with Anticipatory Care for Long Term Conditions.
  • From a bio-psychosocial perspective, students will critically explore the causes and effects of living with a Long-Term Conditions and the role of health care practitioners in contributing to and leading care delivery/service development.  
  • Critically discuss and evaluate contemporary models of Anticipatory Care which support the collaborative management of individuals with Long Term Conditions and targeting interventions for high risk groups within the population.
  • Students will have the opportunity to evaluate current strategies and frameworks associated with the assessment, planning and implementation of care.
  • Critically explore and evaluate the role of the health professional/practitioner regarding the utilisation of Evidence Based Practice.
  • Critically discuss and evaluate the contribution of partnership working within and across health, social care sector and other relevant contributors.

Formative essay

  • Please provide a draft of the introduction of your essay. 
  • This should be no more than 500 words (maximum 2 pages).
  • Please reference your arguments throughout.
  • It would also be useful to include in your reference list (not included in the word count) a selection of the literature that will be sourced in your summative essay. 

NB The essay should be addressed from the perspective of the named award being studied (i.e. District Nursing, Nursing, Health & Social Care, Public Health, Diabetes Management, Paramedic studies).    

Writing the essay: useful tips

  • Answer the question-it should be general rather than specific to a condition
  • Content MUST be underpinned by critical analysis and evaluation of theory/literature throughout.
  • All arguments should be supported with literature and include different points of view where possible.
  • Support evaluations with research theory.
  • Must include evidence of wide reading, utilising research-based articles where possible.
  • Link to management of long term conditions and the named award.

What to include

  • Developing a cohesive and logical essay
    • Set the scene in the introduction-background, context and rationale ,sign post to the development of essay
    • Main body of essay- structured arguments demonstrating knowledge and understanding linking question to learning outcomes
      • Critical analysis and evaluation of theory, models, policy and research from module
      • Support all comments with theory/ wider literature
      • Link to module outcomes/syllabus
      • Link sections- “having discussed…..the next section will….”
  • Link to learning outcomes and the principles that underpin this module
    • Epidemiology and Aetiology of Long Term Conditions
    • Policy drivers
    • Models of Anticipatory Care for Long Term Conditions Management
    • Health promotion theory including empowerment, advocacy and Capacity building
    • Patient Centred Care & Self-management principles and strategies.
    • Anticipatory Care Planning Transition, Rehabilitation, Referral pathways and digital health
    • Partnership working
    • Remember to link your discussions to practice
      • Are there any particular challenges that your profession face when trying to apply theory to practice?
      • How can these be overcome?
    • Logical conclusions
      • The summary of key issues points discussed in the main ‘discussion’ drawing together key concepts and meanings
      • Should not contain any new information i.e. something which was not part of the main discussion        
      • Not normally referenced section
      • We can work on SIOP Lesson Plan
Anticipatory care of physiotherapy

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