Are women more risk averse when it comes to investing


The paper should be a complement to the lectures and the topics we see in  the lectures. Your paper cannot be about the topics that we see in class/our lectures. It should be a research paper, so I want you to start fresh with it  { a question to which you do not know the answer. The paper should not be descriptive, but rather have more creative content. That is, it is not an essay.

Originality counts.

In order to know which topics are not suitable as paper topic, have a look at the Syllabus I have posted on Moodle. The syllabus lists the topics we are going to cover, with the corresponding readings. If the topics and readings
sound like what you have in mind, it cannot be used as paper topic. Please always agree on a topic with me before you start working on it. Focus on a topic with gender interest that might catch your attention. You can use data if you wish, but technical analysis is not expected. Think about areas/topics where gender matters, even if it is not in conventional eco-
nomic situations|however, the topic should be analyzed from an economics point of view (i.e., using economic intuition, economics tools). A good way of thinking of potential topics is to think about real-life issues in which you see men and women behaving di erently. Why is that the case? You are not expected to come up with a complex answer, but you should
think of potential answers. Are incentives women and men face di erent? If so, how? You can discuss a certain policy introduced by a government in relation
to gender, and discuss how it could have a ected women/men di erently. You can also get ideas from newspaper articles. Your topic cannot be in the course material itself, but you are welcome to use the concepts we use during the course in your paper. For instance, you cannot choose the wage gender gap as a topic, but you can use the concepts
of discrimination we see in class for your topic whenever relevant. Every student should work on a di erent topic. If a topic has already been chosen by another student I will let you know.
Topic examples
Examples from the past:
1) are women more risk averse when it comes to investing, and why?
2) why is the role of women in religion di erent across religions/congregations?
3) are there gender di erences in chess playing, and if so, why?
(Note: these examples cannot be chosen as topics.)


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