Project 2
This is your opportunity to show off what you have learned in this class so far. For this second mini-project, you will again create some maps in ArcMap and write a short report that describes what you did. You can choose absolutely any topic for this project. Please do feel free to choose something that augments work that you are doing in other classes or something that aligns with your work or leisure interests. Just as long as you can get some suitable GIS data and your work involves some GIS data displaying and analyses, as described below.
Deliverables (to be submitted as a single document in BbLearn):
1. A short write-up (can be less than a page of text in total) that describes your project, including:
a) What your goal was,
b) What data you used,
c) What GIS techniques you used,
d) A description of the attached map(s) (see below), and
e) What your results were.
2. One or two maps that you generated in ArcMap which accompany your report. These can simply be screen-shots of your Layout View in ArcMap.
You are required to continue showing competence with everything that you learned up to this project (e.g. symbolizing features). To receive full marks (assignments will be graded out of 10 points), your project must also demonstrate your ability to:
1. Clearly label features (Chapter 9),
2. Make maps for presentation (Chapter 10), including using the layout view and adding at least a scale bar, north arrow, legend, and additional text, and
3. Creating features (Chapter 12), e.g. creating an additional point, line, or polygon on one of your map layers.
Note: It is not necessary for you to create a geodatabase (Chapter 11) for this project.
Although there is a rich abundance of GIS data that can be obtained from the internet, you might not be able to find exactly what you hope to. I suggest that you start looking at potential data immediately and limit how much time you are spending trying to find data. Below are some options for finding data:
1. Add data directly into ArcMap using ‘Add Data From ArcGIS Online…’
? need to search for desired data
? lots of layers available, but many do not have attributes (needed for symbolizing, classifying, labeling, etc.)
? does have nice polygon layers for world
countries, USA states, and USA counties, which do include good attribute data for symbolizing and classifying
2. Sign in to and search groups for data
? some groups have interesting data, but many do not have attributes (needed for symbolizing, classifying, labeling, etc.)
? ‘Esri Data & Maps’ group has a lot of potential Layers to use
3. US government agencies often are a good source of GIS data
? Federal (e.g. USGS, NWS), State (e.g. Arizona Geographic Information Council), local (e.g. Coconino County GIS, Flagstaff GIS)
? But often complex and/or not immediately available (need to order)
4. There are some data depot websites out there for obtaining GIS data
? e.g.
? But often it is difficult to find free data that is of good quality and in the desired GIS format (e.g. Shapefile)
5. Use datasets from the textbook exercises

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