MiFID II/MiFIR databse

MiFID II/MiFIR databse

What I need is around 200 question incl a short definition to load into the dataset.

How much would it be?

The questions need to set off on the client type and then drill down on:

Market transparency

• Meldung von Geschäften
• Portfolio Compression
• Systemis Internalisier
• Pre- and post-trade transparency


• Positionlimits
• Exchanges & Trading Course requirement ( incl. Central clearing )
• Algorithmic trading / HFT
• Market Maker

Investor Protection
• Best Execution
• Execution-Only
• Independent advice
• Product Governance
• Payments or Provision fees

Governance & Financial supervisors & authorities
• recording and retention obligations
• Corporate Governance
• Conflicts of interest
• Legal authorities (FSA/BaFIN)

Regulatory base is:

MiFID II RL/2014/65/EU:

MIFIR RL 2014/600/EU

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