This paper is for my American History class where we learned about the architecture and culture of a local colonial university – Rutgers (previously known as Queen’s College). The topic for the paper is:

“Considering what we have seen and discussed in class, provide your understanding of why the six (6) buildings remaining on the Queen’s Campus look so different from one another.  You might compare the six (6) buildings with other colonial colleges, by historical period, similar building types, or student culture. You might look at architectural aesthetics of the various periods, and explain how they impacted building design. You might also look at the historical changes in the college curriculum and technology as they impact the visual identity of the Queen’s buildings. You may personally see another thread that connects the appearance of the Queen’s buildings. Be creative!”

Ideas for why the buildings look different included but are not limited to: “building types”, activity on campus and cultural reasons. There are no minimums or maximums for the number of resources to use. You can use any credible resources (meaning basically everything except for wiki sites). is the link to download a zip file of my Professor’s lectures and materials she included with this assignment (we may use the materials to help do the paper but it’s not a requirement).

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