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The intersection of cultural factors (economy, politics, society, ideology, etc.) and environmental factors (climate, natural disasters, etc.) impacts the health of the Earth. Anthropologists advocate a global perspective which provides valuable cross-cultural comparisons. While it is productive to view other cultures and see the successes and challenges of sustainability efforts across the globe, one can just as easily look into one’s own backyard to assess what we are doing to live sustainable lives.


For this assignment, we will examine the efforts that Bellevue College has made in advancing its own sustainability practices. Then we will consider our own efforts in this light.

First, read all materials posted in this week and view the PowerPoints, especially the one on Sustainability by the college’s former Sustainability Director Mr. Deric Gruen.
Visit this website to see how the college is becoming ‘greener’ by the day:
Think about what you can do to contribute to the sustainability efforts on campus. (If you have a great idea, bring it to the attention of the Sustainability Office. You may be eligible for funding!



Answer the following questions for your initial post early in the online week. Please label your responses according to each of the numbered questions since it facilitates reading for everyone. All work must be your own.

Describe two efforts the college is making toward sustainability that you found particularly interesting / valuable / surprising / etc. Be sure to state why you found them worthy of mention and the particulars of the effort. (Write at least a few paragraphs.)
What are two ways in which you can contribute to sustainability efforts and lead a ‘greener’ life, either on campus or off-campus? (Your answer should be at least a few paragraphs long.)
How does the topic of sustainability tie in with anthropology? Discuss at least 2 specific ways. (This answer should be at least a few paragraphs long.)

Read at least 15 initial posts before responding to peers.

PART C – REPLIES (Due: by Wednesday)

After you have posted your initial post earlier in the week, please post substantive, respectful replies to at least two other students.


Please consult the materials “Discussion Guidelines” and “Netiquette” for full instructions on how discussions work in this class. Professional, ethical, respectful behavior is expected of everyone in all circumstances. All worked submitted must be your own.

You can find these items in the ‘Start Here’ module. Please ask if you have any questions.

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