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Hey I need a paper about how to improve a program in degree offered at college that is not working. Classes are offered only once a year. students take long to graduate, class schedule not working. hours only evening. I propose a different or current program reviewed. at least 10 secondary sources needed. 10-12 point font. include,; table of contents, running headers, citations APA FORMAT.
audience being program director.

initial memo
An analysis memo
content and source analysis memo’
project proposal and planning memo
progress report in memo format
A technical report with:
drafts and final reports with recommendation.
Paper can be generic but the sources have to be genuine

Create a persuasive or practical technical document that meets a specific need, and is tailored to a
specific, real audience (and you should be able to define an audience and their need(s))

Compose focused, organized technical documents
(including a statement of purpose, a clear
hierarchy of information, and consistent, logical organizing elements)

Use organized writing/composing processes (generate ideas, evaluate rhetorical situations,
draft, revise, edit, proofread)

y support your work with professional source materials, and u
se and cite
effectively and responsibly

and informative
visuals for

Elicit, provide, and use constructive feedback in a
productive manner

Examine the influence of ethical issues in professional communication

Employ good time management skills

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