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Part 2: Analysis and Synthesis (Due in Section week 7)
Write an analytical essay (4-6 double spaced pages, not including the bibliography) that draws on your
description of the communication example in part one. Begin by formulating a set of questions to ask
about the wider significance of this example of communication. Your paper needs to be more than just
descriptive of what the communication example means. It should provide critical insights into or an
argument about the importance or significance of this example to society or culture more broadly. And it
should link this to analytic frameworks from at least two of the course readings (for example; historical
frameworks, frameworks for understanding how discourse functions in relations to institutional structures
or interpersonal communication, etc).
• How might you relate this communication event to other social, political, economic, cultural,
aesthetic phenomena?
• Consider what connections you might be able to make between this instance/example of
communication and other communication.
• Draw upon key concepts, theoretical or critical approaches/frameworks that we have been
covering in the course to help answer the questions that you framed about the event. Be sure to
properly cite the texts that you are drawing on, paraphrasing, or quoting directly (engage at
least 2 readings). Do this by putting author’s name, page # in parenthesis; if you cite an author
who isn’t in the reader, do the same and also list the text in a bibliography.
• Describe some of the limits to your interpretation and/or challenges to understanding the issues
you take up.

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