AMERICAN RED CROSS Report Review – U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Using the 2015 American Red Cross report from GAO: Disaster Assistance Would Benefit from Oversight through Regular Federal Evaluation

The purpose of this assignment is to reinforce the methods by expanding on how others are using the method. This is a written assignment (5-8 pages long).

Use the following questions as a guide for your discussion:

  1. What is the policy issue or administrative problem the author is addressing?
  2. What method(s) are utilized by the author to study the issue?
  3. Would you have chosen the same method(s)?
  4. Is the data well presented? Would you have presented the information differently?
  5. Does the author identify the client?
  6. What recommendations are made? Are alternatives presented?
  7. Do the findings support the recommendations? Would you have made similar recommendations?
  8. Using online news resources, what happened after this report was released?


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