American History


Explore The Political Compass website and take the quiz. Discuss at least one piece of information that you found surprising or interesting on the website. It is completely voluntary, but if you are comfortable doing so, include your score in your post. Then, based on the Cuordileone article, compare and contrast the Red Scare and the Lavender Scare. How did the two scares fit together and what prompted them? How did these two scares affect individual Americans and reflect Cold War mentality?

give   two major changes that came out of the Red Scare and Lavender Scare for women ?

1st question. The threat of war does tend to affect people’s reactions to events, interest groups, and the like, that might not be directly linked to the main enemy. Out of curiosity, what in particular do you think changed your political outlook during your study of women’s history?

2nd question Was both Red Scares important to American History?

The second part of my assignment was about

Housing Policy
Based on your reading of the Heathcott and Hanchett articles, what were the major issues related to housing at the end of WWII? How did federal housing policies address those issues? How successful were these policies? Why?

In the writers own word what were two major changes that came out of the housing policy?


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